Motorcycle Build Projects

Here you will find a listing of our latest motorcycle build projects. Follow the links below for more details on any of our individual builds, including our highly respected Yamaha R9 Build! Any of our new builds will appear here first.

Our Latest Builds

Project Calima Ducati V4

Our latest project, currently in development. We want to build a conventional, MotoGP inspired, frame and swingarm for a Ducati 1100cc V4 engine. Project goals are to have a track bike weighing less than 165kg and have c. 220bhp. At the end of the build we aim to have a frame kit available to purchase, for the ultimate track bike.

Lucan Project Calima Ducati V4 VisionLucan Project Calima Ducati V4 Vision


Our patience ran out, and we had to create this total sports model with an MT09 heart. We wanted to create a training bike that rides like a Grand Prix bike but can effortlessly achieve high track miles. Our Yamaha R9 build yields dynamic Grand Prix performance, and handles and rides like a GP bike, utilising a bullet-proof engine. This bike gives the best of track performance, without the traditional high maintenance of a factory ride.

Yamaha R9Yamaha R9


Left languishing in a cowshed for nearly two decades, our team's objective with our Aprilia RS250 restoration was to bring this beautiful machine back to life, in all its full, blue-haze glory. We're content to report that this elegant Italian moto is once again raising smoke to the streets and racetracks.

Aprilia RS250 Harada side viewAprilia RS250 Harada side view


Originally one of only 17 factory issue machines, this Yamaha TZ250 is a rare example of the very last year of design updates, a new set of ten-spoke magnesium wheels. Our objective was to update the bodywork to the latest Grand Prix look, adapting the frame to fit a 6 foot rider, while future-proofing the engine for longevity.

Yamaha TZ250 5KE4Yamaha TZ250 5KE4