Get To Know Us

We specialise in bringing motorcycle future dreams to life. Our Factory-trained design and build team has over 25 years of expert technical knowledge and experience building and modifying motorcycles, on and off track. We use these in-house skills to bring the very best in CAD engineered bespoke manufactured parts. How did this start? A love of motorcycles as machines; the sound, the look, the sport, the freedom. Inevitably this led to owning, developing, restoring, and maintaining, some pretty special bikes. Our small, adaptive, team specialises in identifying future trends, building new types of sports motorcycle - anything from developing motorcycles for track performance, all the way to full chassis-up builds.

Yamaha R9 without bodywork
Yamaha R9 without bodywork

What We Do

We're on a mission to create beautifully individual sports focused motorcycles, without the noise of pseudo-trends, or fleeting fashion. Our goal is to bring to life those machines that we believe are missed opportunities from the big bike manufacturers, or bikes that haven't been built yet - let's say that we just can't wait.

What We Want

We want to live in a world where we can create exciting machines that match our dreams, rather than having to find a compromise. We create motorcycles and design specialised performance components, making the world a happier and more interesting place through a bespoke bike build.

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