Yamaha R9 Build

MACHINE: Yamaha MT09 2021
OBJECTIVE: Create Yamaha R9 Concept

A track-training motorcycle that rides like a Grand Prix bike, with the low-maintenance force of an MT09 engine. Build Codename: MTZ, a new synergy of Yamaha MT and TZ design. This bike has had 2 years development and fine-tuning.

Yamaha R9 design view
Yamaha R9 design view
Yamaha R9 rear left view
Yamaha R9 rear left view
Yamaha R9 back view
Yamaha R9 back view

In Development

We are currently in the process of developing and track testing a performance rear shock link for the 2021-2023 Yamaha MT09. This new link is to bring the Yamaha MT09 closer to GP bike chassis geometry, and a less progressive spring action. We are developing this link for track only use, for those who wish to sharpen their MT09 on track.

Yamaha R9 Build Specification

Modified to fit, Kalex Moto2 (2014/15) bodywork

Custom made aluminium fuel tank to fit bodywork and change weight balance

Custom made aluminium rear subframe with tray for IMU

Custom made front subframe and dashboard

Kalex Moto2 2014 rear mudguard

TZ250 Front Mudguard

Custom CAD designed and machined rearsets and gear lever

Battle Factory rear brake lever and footpegs

Modified PP Tuning clip-on handlebars

RBW quick action throttle, custom made for build by Jetprime

TZ250 Bar Grips

Maxton GP10 Rear Shock custom made for build, and Maxton SD20 front fork cartridges

Full Arrow race exhaust

BMC racing air filter


FTECU ABS delete

Goodridge build-a-line braided brake lines and EBC GPFAX brake pads

Custom made adjustable steering lock stops

GB Racing engine covers

Matris steering damper

TZ250 Engine kill switch

NGK Racing spark plugs

Relocated lightweight Aliant YLP09X lithium battery, and relocated wiring harness

Captive wheel spacers

Starlane stealth GPS laptimer

Custom paint and vinyl graphics

What It Took To Build The Yamaha R9

This machine was created using the latest generation Yamaha MT09 high-tech streetbike with an updated, more rigid frame, and increased dynamic frame geometry and 6-axis IMU. We immediately saw its potential as a sports bike, but didn't feel like waiting for Yamaha to build one. Pre-first general delivery, our team ordered the brand new MT09, with the specific purpose of building our very own R9. We began by designing parts, initially from pre-launch images of the forthcoming Yamaha MT09 Gen 3, starting with CAD design of the rearsets, which we knew would not be available from any other maker. The result is a machine that is lightweight, with mass shifted forward and lowered to create a GP stance, and the rider ergonomics of a race bike. To do this, it was essential to completely replace the fuel tank, which necessitated a new GP-style tank, inspired by Moto2, created directly via the drawing board, through foam prototype, to its final welded aluminium construction. The MT09 was delivered in June 2021, and after a short running-in period, the team launched straight into the build. We are pleased to say that our fully developed R9 build now has had over two years of track time, utilising the full 2022 and 2023 seasons to fine-tune the bike.

We began building the fuel cell, rear subframe, front subframe, rearsets and gear lever, as there were few suitable after-market parts. Our partners in this build were Maxton for suspension, and Jetprime Italy, who created a quick-action throttle especially for this unique machine. The result is a track bike of c.120BHP, 97Nm, and with a wet-weight of 167kg, fuelled up and ready for a track session. This R9 build boasts a very high wet torque-to-weight ratio 0.58Nm per kilogram (compared to 0.56 of the 2023 R1), but critically with a raised RPM limit for track use. Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list.

Yamaha R9 front angle view
Yamaha R9 front angle view
Yamaha R9 engine and fuel tank
Yamaha R9 engine and fuel tank
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