Lucan Project Calima V4

MACHINE: Lucan Developed Chassis
OBJECTIVE: Create MotoGP style chassis for Ducati V4 engine

In development...A fully Lucan developed MotoGP style full CNC Ducati V4 frame built around a 1100cc Ducati V4 engine. As close to MotoGP as you can get.

Lucan Project Calima Ducati V4 Vision Video

What It Is Taking To Build Project Calima

Project Calima is being developed from the ground up to create a CNC'd twin-spar frame and double sided swingarm for a Ducati 1100cc V4 engine. Built in the style of MotoGP bikes, using a Superbike engine, we ultimately aim to provide a frame kit available to purchase for anyone with a Ducati V4 engine!

Our main project goals are to have a track bike weighing less than 165kg, delivering c.220bhp. A strong and lightweight frame, and double sided swingarm, resulting in rapidity and ease of setup. We'll be utilising all our tools, from 3D scanners, prototype 3D printed parts, CAD/CAM software, chassis software, plus our multiple years of experience working with production GP bikes. We want to build an uncompromised GP-inspired track bike, something we wish the main manufacturers had built. Although there are some MotoGP inspired bikes from the main manufacturers, we want to take this further, narrowing the gap to GP bikes, all while coming in at a fraction of the cost. This will be a big challenge, but this is our sole focus with this build. With new MotoGP rules coming in 2027, Project Calima will deliver a formidable machine, even compared to the mighty MotoGP bikes.

Why called Project Calima? The Calima is a wind phenomenon from Africa that blows forcefully Southwards across the Atlantic Ocean, reaching the Canary Islands, leaving everything covered in fine Saharan particles. Until we have an offical name for the frame, we believe the Calima name will keep us focused towards building a bike that will leave everything in its dust!

Project Calima Ducati V4 Frame Logo
Project Calima Ducati V4 Frame Logo

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